a lady carrying a guitar in a gig bag

Choosing the Best Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag

Many guitarists use the gig bags since they are lighter, and the idea of a lightweight guitar is enticing. Another reason is the straps since you can wear them on your back or shoulder. It makes it easy to carry the guitar whether walking on the street,in an elevator, or elsewhere.

Some cases have rings to attach shoulder straps, and it is possible to buy a backpack-style harness. However, neither of these options provides the accessibility and ease of a gig bag. Cheap, thin bags are necessary to keep dust off the guitar. A waterproof covering is needed to protect the sides of your guitar, back, and top. Luckily, if you need the best gig bag for acoustic guitar, you can check out one of the most comprehensive reviews to help you select the most suitable one for you.

Here are some tips for choosing the best acoustic guitar gig bag

Consider the Fitting or Size

consider the fitYour gig bag must fit your guitar well. It is to prevent it from moving around while inside the bag. If it does, the guitar can be damaged when bumped, falls off, or gets stood. You also have to ensure that your guitar is sitting flat and not in a position to put pressure on a given area, particularly the neck. You can use a gig bag made for your guitar, especially when it is uniquely shaped.

Determine Your Need for the Gig Bag

There was a time when you could identify the bags as cheap, low protection, and suitable for cheap guitars that you cannot subject to rigorous transportation. You only bought the bag to make carrying your guitar easier. However, today you can still get low-cost bags with some manufacturers offering high-end bags that can provide good impact protection.

Check the Cost

consider the priceGig bags range in price with decent quality bags at higher prices. The high-end bags offer protection when transporting the guitar around. They can be suitable for taking the guitar to and from gigs when you plan to hand-carry or have it with you every time. In such cases, you cannot knock the guitar around with a lower chance that something might fall on it or stack heavy material on it.

Consider the Material Used

Some gig bags are something between a hard case and a gig bag. They are also referred to as soft cases since they have rigid protection or a hard shell, with the outer layer replaced with fabric for a gig bag. Such cases are lighter compared to the traditional hard case while providing more protection than a typical bag. If you need something between a hard case and a gig bag, this is the best option for you.