As days go by, it seems like many people especially in the “Youth” category are becoming more fanatic about inking themselves. Generally, permanent tattoos have been there since time immemorial but it’s only these days that people have become more interested in it, and unfortunately, they seems to underestimate the risks involved with permanent tattoos. Secular music industry, movies and sports have had their fair amount of influence over it because you’ve probably seen famous celebrities wearing all kinds of permanent body arts.

But it has never been all hunky and dory when it comes to body art. Long-lasting tattoos are good but it’s not like that they don’t have any disadvantages. If you’re considering getting inked; there are obvious things to know.

The Risks Involved with Permanent Tattoos

Potential Infections

23wesrdtfygIn most cases, this is the reason why some potential body art wearers refrain from getting inked. A couple of dangerous illnesses, including but not limited to Hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections are spread through the use of unsterilized needles. Specifically for this reason, the piercing needles and blades, as well as the equipments used to hold them, should be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. In addition, the section of your body where you’re getting inked should be protected for more than one week.

Painful and Expensive to Remove

There can come a time when you want to completely remove the
inks from your body (your girlfriend dumped you and her name on your arm is giving you sleepless nights), or you might just want to keep up with the latest trends. This is when regrets trickle in! The removal procedure is not only extremely painstaking, but also hard on the wallet. Why? Several kinds of laser treatments which are quite expensive are involved. Again, there will be a permanent scar on the part of your body where you’ll apply this kind of treatment.

Complications during MRI

A number of tattoo wearers have reported that they’ve experienced inflammation and burning in the inked area during Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). In addition to that, the mark might also affect the quality of the MRI scan.


In most cases, the pigments used in these inks aren’t prone to allergies. However, that doesn’t mean you can never experience such symptoms. You might experience allergies even after several years of getting inked.

Keloid Scarring

If you’re body can’t withstand scars, avoid permanent tattoos because with the smallest bit of trauma in your skin, scars could form over your tattoo.


At first, gw23e455r6t7yetting inked might seem interesting but after some period of time, it can get blurred leaving you dissatisfied with the whole experience. Again, it depends on the skills of the artist who’ll ink you.