Gears for Professional Gamer

Nowadays the gaming industry has taken a notch compared from the old days. People can now play for fun, for competition or even as a job from video games. The position that contributes to the game industry ranges from game designer, YouTuber, streamer, and many more. But as for today, we’re going to discuss gears for professional gamer, or at least what to have if you’re trying to start for a new one. So grab your wallet and read our article as you get to know what to buy and what to avoid.

Gaming desk

Gaming desk is perfect for those who have a lot of cords; they can be customized depending on your need, make sure to check out an in-depth Atlantic gaming desk review here. Another tip from us is to order a personalized gaming desk based on what you need, as it can save you more money rather than having a lot of useless specs on your gaming desk.

gamesGaming headset

A regular headset might be enough for listening to music, but sometimes using a gaming headset might be necessary. Games have sensitive sounds, like footsteps which can alert you in case there’s an enemy nearby, so buying a gaming headset might be a great investment for your gaming gears.

Gaming mouse

Although we are probably familiar with a regular mouse that we use on our computer, professional gamers need a specific gaming mouse. If you’ve just started on trying to become an expert gamer, make sure to buy at least a decent gaming optical mouse, as they have higher sensitivity and better durability than purchasing a regular optical mouse.

Tip: a higher sensitivity in a mouse is recommended if you’re playing an FPS game, as they need precision and the speed that regular mouse can’t provide.

Gaming keyboard

gamingA regular keyboard is more than enough to provide you with your gaming needs, but getting a gaming keyboard might be a promising investment. They might cost a lot more, but they are designed for gamers, which means better feedback from the keys while also better durability. Nowadays mechanical gaming keyboard is a lot cheaper, so you might want to invest into one, especially if you’re a hardcore gamer.

Tip: although there is wireless gaming keyboard, we recommend to get a wired one as they are more responsive than the wireless one, and also designed to last longer. Wireless gaming keyboard even cost a lot more than the ones with cables.