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Vital Features of the Best Live Streaming

Most people use live streaming technology to broadcast various events. To accomplish this, you need a live streaming company. Most people prefer watching a video to read an article. This is an excellent reason to use this technology. Below are important features to look for from live streaming companies to make an informed decision.


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A professional live stream has to be delivered reliably. This is the most important bottom-line for any live streaming platform. It is critical when it comes to business use. A free platform may go down for maintenance any time. Using professional OVP ensure reliability. A content delivery network is what is responsible for delivering your stream.

White Label Customized Branding

The other must-have for corporate live streamers is the white label service. This implies that no logo from the streaming company is included in streams. Video players should be free of branding. You can embed your own logo for a fully branded experience. This creates a lot of professional experience. With this service, the viewer’s eyes focus on your business. Your logo and content are front and center with no distractions. You can get the best live streams at live streaming Los Angeles.

Professional Tech Support

The other must-have is professional tech support. Consumer live streaming platforms usually do not offer any form of tech support. More demanding users need questions answered and problems solved on the fly. Every OVP has some kind of tech support, but these vary in availability and robustness. Livestream offers 24/7 phone support as low as 199 dollars.

Content Accessibility

Any live stream you produce needs to be recorded. Even if you do not have a plan to reuse the content, it is vital to archive any official events which take place. Recording ensures that people who cannot attend a live stream can still benefit. Recorded live events can be distributed afterward. This way they will continue to generate views and revenue. Live streams need to have built-in recording tools. You can also encode your video streaming.

Professional Grade CDN

live cameraUsing content delivery networks, is an alternative to using a small group of machines located in a single place. Small server networks are vulnerable to DDoS attack and may not be able to deliver content to users across the world efficiently. A CDN bypasses these concerns, but you will need to pay a fee to access the online video platform. You will receive access to professionally maintained global networks of high-end servers to distribute your content efficiently and rapidly.

Security Features

Another essential element of live streaming service for corporate use is tight security. Video streams may contain confidential or proprietary information. You, therefore, should consider password protection, HTTPS delivery, geo-restrictions, and domain restrictions.

Choosing a live streaming company is a personal decision which will depend on your specific situation. You audience size, technical ability, and budget will determine the OVP that is best for you.