Some Of The Best Tips For Hiring A Bus Limo

A bus limo is one of the most luxurious automobiles we have in our time. Most people in the world associate the use of the Limousines with the expensive lifestyle of the most prominent rich and famous. The assumption we get the person behind the tinted windows is that of a celebrity, a politician or a high ranked sports star. Due to the expensive lifestyle which comes with people who use the limousines, it’s clear that not many people use the limos due to the expensiveness of the automobile. The party limo bus Sacramento ca can be rented by the interested parties. However, most people use or hire bus limos for some particular occasions such as wedding among others.

Book the bus limo in advance


When hiring the bus Limo service, it’s good to make sure that you book the automobile early in advance. One of the big reasons why it’s good to book the Bus limo early in advance is because most people book the limo during the weekdays and important occasions. Most probably you will face fewer prospects of all the vehicles being booked if you book the bus limo one or two weeks in advance. Make sure that you reserve a month in advance and also confirm the reservation a week before the event when you decide to hire the bus limo.

Remember to tip your bus limo driver

It’s good to make sure that you tip your bus limo driver 18 to 20 percent of the common base price. However, rather than tipping the driver, some companies add a tip automatically to the price when you hire the bus limo.

Ask for proof of insurance

Before anything else it’s good to know is the company you want to hire from the bus limo is legit. A good way of proofing if the business is legit is by asking for some proof of current insurance coverage for their fleet.  If the company doesn’t provide any evidence, then run!

Check references and reviews on their websites


Before hiring a bus limo, it’s good if you checked more about the company you want to use on their website.  A proper way of learning more about a limo service is to hear more about the service from a former customer.  Website and reviews contain comments on the limo bus service former clients.  Former clients are good because they can give you a non-biased insight about the service you want to hire the limo from.  Understanding something from someone else who has used the service point of view is way much better than from just the company’s point of view.


Fun Activities For Kids And Family

The kids are at home for the holiday, and you are considering some of the fun activities that you can do with them for them to enjoy the holiday. When looking for a fun activity to do with your kid then the first thing that you should consider is what he/she loves to do. If he/she likes walking the dog, then find activities that will make walking the dog more fun. Having activities that the kids can participate in rather than watching Tv the whole day will encourage them to interact with people more. For the kids birthday party ideas in Riverside California click on the highlighted link. Some of the fun activities for the family that everyone will enjoy include;


Volunteer together

gfgfgfgfgfgffggfgfVolunteering together will be a great way that you can spend time with your kids. It will also be a teachable moment because you will be teaching them the joy that is in giving back to the community and helping others. Like I had mentioned above if he/she like walking the dog you can start the volunteering while he still gets to walk the dog. Take time and encourage the young ones to make cards for people in the hospital or take them to visit the nursing home.

Plant something

Planting something is a fun activity that you can do as a family and at the same time bonding. Plant things like tomatoes, plant flowers and maybe some beans. Planting is a great way to get to talking with your kids, and it creates a place that they can open up without so many destructions. Because while planting they will be away from the phones and they will interact more with you. Planting is a fun way to help your kids know how they should always deal with people because farming needs a lot of communication and how they will communicate with you or their siblings will be a great reason.

Cooking together

gffggfgfgfgfCooking together is a nice and fun family activity. The kids will be happy because they will be helping you out in the kitchen and they will still learn something. Take an old family recipe and teach your children how to cook. Also, it’s a good if you go ahead and create your family tradition with the kids. Take a cooking class as a family and get to learn a different way to cook something. This will be a great exposure to your children, and they will surely have fun. The kids will still find it fun because they might want to surprise you one day and they can do that by cooking for you.